Keep falling just like a child

In Life we face many many people. Different people with different perspective Many times we don’t agree with many things. Many times we let goo…..

Some may argue

Some may lose

Some may Fight

Some may go on

We face good days and bad days it doesn’t matter. who you are, where you from, life gives us bad days to realize that we are going wrong its just a hint to learn from that mistakes and move on just like a small kid riding a cycle first time.

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Let fall let learn lets go….
Just like life keep moving on just like time….


We all make mistakes the only thing that matter at the end is how we take it.

The child that is learning cycle if he is scared to fall. How he will learn so in life also we will face many failures and fall many times , sometimes we don’t agree we don’t understand but staying on and letting go things make life easy.

It may happen that person you are explaining might not understand just like teachers who teaches us in school but one day we also understand.

So just let go…..

Stood up keep fighting and learning……..



People Want to see the person like they want. No Hero’s are there in today world only people without soul, without true face & without true self.

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with no questions only ANSWERS in there own manner

Harsh reality’s and Today hero’s are those who are right to society write to them

When souls get so harsh no Idea just a voice we all made it we all can destroy

that too.

Brings hands together for right for good to human kind & for piece of our souls

lets join our hand to bring the change for good and real hero’s

We all hero’s inside our soul just need to realize

We can

We will

For our bliss soul for our future generation

Bliss Days

Lets come together to be Hero’s

No matter where we all live, where we all are but if we only raise our voice just for right and fought for it that would be enough to be hero’s to bring change.

Its not late until Know we can change, we will change, we have to change for our future generation.

Walking and Walking is true journey not and end

We all are Running in a blank road where we all dont have any map to direct. Just Running and Running till the road end

Thinking all day and night that at some day we will reach at our destination that we are running but hey stop, think a while that what is we actually finding because we dont even know what we are finding.

We are just Assumimg that road will end what if road is not ment to be end

at the end it is a circular world with no end just like a flow of water that never stop& fill all the gaps.

life is not right or wrong , winners or loser its more then above its beyond our thinking.

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We think a lot but funny part is we all are forgeting to Walk Walk and walk..

Stop thinking to win or be right we all are unfold stories and untold stories with no road map so live like that, be like that to find unfold stories to fill the gap with out too much thinking. Living in a present that all we have. Not to rush and not to run.

Stop finding destination.

Walk & Walk What we all have

Walk walk and walk we all are here

We all are meant to be

Just for that just for that


Live life what you have stop finding start discovering while walking and walking. We are not here for winning the race we all are here just for a walk and a walk……………


If we know what is our future or how we will die? Can we change that

I guess No we can’t change our life situation or where we are, what we do or what we do in the future it depends upon situations and hard work that we all do in our daily life to survive just like any other species and the matter of fact is that whatever we are going through we can’t control it Because eventually it will happen sooner or later.

Let’s take a small story that we all have read it in our lifetimes, In our childhood may be some people remember and some not. So let’s get back to our Childhood Story So Once there is a king who is wealthy and happy one day He come across in neighboring village where he found Astrologist (Baba)

Baba told him that he will die because of a lion. So he ask to baba can I change my Future baba said nothing and left. Then he start wondering and scared that what baba said earlier is right or wrong. Then he searches for more astrologers to confirm what baba said, then he find another astrologer he also said same but he also recommend him that if you kill all the lion of your village then no one can harm you, king. Then King is very blissful to listen to that astrologer give him a warm hug and Fill his pocket with gold & Jewelry.

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The next morning he took some soldiers with him to hunt all the lions and after 6 months when he killed all the lions in his village and nearby village He is Once again happy and Wealthy.

But Hey the story does not end here …………………………………………

One day when he was playing with his 4 yr old child in a room with a toy he accidentally died know you all are wondering that the Astrologer said that he will die because of a lion but he died because of Toy. But Toy is maid of lion and in that lion toy there is a sharp pin inside that and accidentally that pin get inside of the King Wrist. He was bleeding and then when doctors come to know that King is hurt while Operating they found a Sharp Pin that is inside king wrist and eventually that is the reason for his death and nobody can heal king because that pin goes where there is nerve that is connected to his heart & that nerve was cut due to pin and the flow of Blood is stop as heart stop and his life.

So Eventually he died because of a lion We cannot control over future even we know it so it’s as simple as that.

what meant to us it will happen to us.


Sooner we understand sooner we realize it’s good for our life to live as far as it is meant to be. Never control nature that is our Mother that is what we are all here for and we should never Control over lives.

Dream come True

We all start dreaming since our childhood. I remember In my child hood so many Relatives,Teachers ask me what is your dreams ? That question is very new for me. I wonder what is dream than I wonder maybe I want to become Artist or Dancer then I start learning & Following my dream but when I gown up My dream is changed Then I want to become a Chartered Accountant or Designer then again I start learning & Following my dream Then again my dream is changed ……………………………………………

After a point i realize that dream for me is:

” Trying new things

Learning new things

Wondering new things

Loving new things”

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At the end we all want to be happy.

Where The Bliss There The Dreams Lies. where the bliss follow their the dreams comes True. Dreams are exploring new ways of life.Seeing new things that makes our life electrifying. Makes our life dreams come true, Never ending dreams makes us feels alive makes us happy. when we stop dreaming in life our life will become boring,dull and no fun but dreaming in life makes us blissful and makes our life journey amaze.

Satisfaction is keep on going

Humans can not be satisfied in this life. We all ways crave for new things, new innovation, new learning there is no end of that its the way of living to feel alive, being bliss, being satisfied for one moment at least.We all run for that until are breath.
There is one small story that I know my grandmother use to tell me that once there was a very rich king he struggles in his life a lot so he wants that his children will never face that so when he gets married to the princess and have a child. They both adore his child and love him like no one in this world. He wants to give everything that child needs. so he provides everything at best as classy, as precious, as beautiful. He provides every bit of things that his child even don’t have to think what he needs as it already present but once a day he has his birthday and again his father give him everything that child need but the child said that father I don’t want all these things I only want happiness and his father think what he is saying I am giving everything? why he is not happy, he wonders and then he says nothing and when 2 /3 days spend King asked his advisor that is his closest friend. He tell him all the stories that what happen and asked him what to do? Then his friend said My Lord No need to worry he laugh and said just to do nothing.
King child Robert finds his bliss and live a long life.

So moral of the story is in life we all humans have to do work and keep on learning new things to satisfying our need that is endless till our end. satisfaction keeps on doing to be bliss to knowing your happiness that keeps us alive and makes this life worth and bliss.

Keep on doing

Keep on going

Keep on learning


That is real satisfaction not to control things just go with a flow. Just to live what your heart needs and follow your soul heart your inner happiness in life that keeps us alive and bliss until the last breath.

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Struggle is a smugness

We all living our life everyday and night, spending lots of time, passing it by doing to many things,at the end its actually no use but we all struggle at every part of life isn’t suspicious we all like to struggle it gives sense of achievement as we don’t know what to do then.

When we first born we are been teach to do this or to do that and after that we goes different schools, offices,societies which we belong and so on what we are doing nothing just spending our time until are last breath. All this actually worth it we experience new things by learning by struggling that actually worth it. This is life use to be by having so much.

Struggle is an part of everyone path, This time will soon end as all things end at some point of everyone path. Never forget the strength that you get during this time. It’s hard but it’s all worth and its soon pass by time.

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We all are living in this planet 🌎 day by day developing new things day by day learning new things day by day running for new things

we all are not caring that we all are a very small part of this universe in which we live in one planet earth in some country in some state in some area and in some home. Small species of human being we all are hurting our lives day by day demanding new things hurting our planet as well as universe and that only because of our selfish reasons is this enough to justify our reasons why human beings are hurting other species,nature and know we are hurting our self.

We know since our childhood to save water , no for pollution, no for animal hunting but are we actually following it ? I guess answer is no we are not, we are just being selfish just not understanding that we are burning our earth day by day.

Take care of the planet that is so blessed and beautiful. where all species lives including humans,animals,plants,earth,air & water. We all are one but if we cut this chain no one will survive.

Be humble to planet 🌎 don’t use for your profits treat like your mother it’s our duty.




What is it actually a symbol of trust, faith, unconditional of any thing beyond this world .That we humans when fallen for love was trap with some one else like blindly but that feeling is above the world.

The most extraordinary feeling that we all feels when in love that feeling is like above an air.

We also say it’s magical like magic that doesn’t see but we can feel it may be for whole life or short while.

Love is feeling

Feeling is love

Love is air

Air is love

Love is magic

Magic is love

Love is life

Life is love

Love is weather that cannot be touch only feels like drops of rain. Air we breathes.

Judging is waste of time

Yes judging not change any one judging is just a waste of time it’s like you are saying your prospective but that doesn’t mean that person is like that.

If a student is topper does not mean that student is intelligent or student is failure that also does not mean that he can not do anything. Basically that doesn’t his definition nothing change it just wasting time.

Life is easy but we all have make it difficult by judging. That is a problem that every thing arises. Whether it’s a competition,corruption,complications in life.

Don’t judge don’t wast time live your life love your life

Live your life not others as simple as that. That will make it easy and blessed your life with full of blessing with your own not others.

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