One in a million

If you want to become one of the million person than you have to practice millions times also than only you will become one in the millions right.

practice as much as you can seriously saying even if you know it very well but don’t stop practicing again and again until you got your goal no matter how many time it …….. one day one minute one second you will get . Don’t gave up , don’t leave up . One in the million is no easy to get you are competing for the best don’t forget. Than you will definitely become what u want shine like a star ⭐️ bliss will follow you .


Long long

Goo long like a river, river where their is no end. It’s so blissful so high so love. Enjoy the moment it’s lucky where you knew how to live. Life have curves curls, same time loving.

Have a long……….long………way.

have a long……….long……….roads.

Have a long……….long………way.

Have a long………..long…….. roads.

With no hopes……..

With no rules……. like a feather

Just fly with no worries.



Truth is clean patient bliss not to answered to anyone. Clean like water not have any danger to drink it feel like heaven. As other side lie is unsatisfactory not bliss answerable to everyone. it’s calm only the time is not been caught but remember till it’s not been solved just like unsolved thread. It’s always keeps you struggle until it will be solved May for sometime you will forget but the remembering will never will die it keeps your life till the end like unsolved story. One thing is sure your heart will never be blissful. It always follows your unsolved story. I have heard that hearts connects to god, heart will never appraised any wrong deed it is the key of our life or story.

Inside and outside

We all are same have skin have eyes nose everything but what difference us is our thinking,nature,lifestyle.

In our life every one have their stories of their life their experiences their flaws etc but what difference is us whether it will knows life stories or not but every individual have the unique story it’s just that some people spoke about their stories &some peoples not.

At the end we all are same we are not different we are all unique have own insides and outsides it’s just depends on us whether we share it or not .


Life is just to survive you have to choose the way

Survive the way you loved

Survive like no one is their

Survive like full of you

Survive like bliss of life

Everyone have different thinking then why life is all Same we all have to live the life to have another life. All have to survive in this world to live for money for happiness for love for care etc we all scared for death we have to live to survive to be safe in this universe. We all have ups and downs but can’t run we have to survive many things to do to survive to be happy to right the bliss story of our life that we all have to live .

life also have time that is running on and on . We all can’t stop it when we have down in our life to survive we all think, time should become faster & when we have good time we want time should be stop but in reality it can’t we have to survive weather we like it or not times runs the way it has to.we also live like we has to.


Time comes emotions are unstoppable we can’t get control like nature . We can’t control them they flow like their own way it’s the best way to be . Let all out is best way to be at that moment times comes when u can’t get control to your situation you have to deal with whether understanding is their or not . Life have different ways to connect with nature we actually connected by them . Nature is us and us is nature .

After so long# blogging#nature love


Weather keep change time keep change year keep change Nature keep change.

One thing always be stay in you is heart that will stay at the end of life.

People will only change if some sudden happen in anybody life or something that disturbs but then also I feel that nature of person not change it will change for a moment or for some time but not permanently. The habits which people do they will stay . The habits can be changed only when its repeated we all usually bored and move on and search new thing or get that new thing .

New things that found us feel us great,different, new we love to be that but obviously not all things that we love will be stay as we want. But one things stays with us is our nature our thinking power our heart will stay until we survive in this world.


Lights that glitter in the darkness lights that are beautiful in nights they sparkles like a fire,happiness. The most awsome and precious moments of life.

Light have a power to glow night.

To make night unrealistic it is precious we cant hold it but view it and live that moments.

Their is a way of bliss whether it has more darker more darker their is a way you just have to find that thing or stay calm it probably comes when times come light will glow and shine like no where else that moment is bliss.

Endless happiness

Life is impossible ṭo predict some times quit frustrating when u feel u are just a puppet all things are all ready decided then why we think why we do why we live ??????????
Seriously it is true all things are actually been decided we can only watch those thing cant do anything but those things are meant to be like this it give us new view new ous new things .
New things are experience by us
Life is soo funny attractive irritating loving hating confusing chilling surprising unpridictable
And soooo on not and end.

I have listen that In the end of every part of life their is a happy ending is it true.
In my case it is true don’t know but it is true but why end only, all parts should be happy ending ,all parts of our and everybody life should be bliss that the way to live the life at the end of our life.
Ending is very important that means if their is no happy ending then it is not an end ………..

Desire of life

We have so many expectations with us don’t we, but it can’t fulfilled like we wants.

some say yes some say no

In case no, We have so many desire that We can’t even explain it properly.

Every body does have, but keep it secret in their. May not be accepts by the by people thoughts different people different thought process.

We have a desire to be only us no body else.

Everyone have desire and to complete their desire they search for them to accomplish them is in it . But it’s Sad not every one get it,if we get it also still it’s not like that we want it we want more.

Desire when gets full of jug then something happen we are other person and then we do what we wants don’t care about any shit of any thing and that part is bliss.

Desire have no rules no compulsion no mind just have a desire to have some things that we accepts from us.